9.5. RS communication protocol for the on-board INTEGRATOR (optional)

9.5.1 Communication between the PC and the INTEGRATOR of the LAMBDA instrument

From the PC to the INTEGRATOR:

#ss mm z qs c

From the INTEGRATOR to the PC:

<mm ss = qs c confirmation of the reception of a command
<mm ss dddd qs c sending of the requested data


# is the first sign of a command sent by the MASTER (PC)
< is the first sign of a message sent by the SLAVE (INTEGRATOR)
ss is the address of the subordinate station (address of the instrument with integrated INTEGRATOR)
mm is the address of the commanding station (PC)
z is a command (see below): small letters indicate a command, capital letters request data transfer from the subordinate station
= confirmation of reception
aa new address of the subordinate station (ss) (two numbers and possibly other ASCII characters A B C D E F)
dddd transferred data (values are two bytes in hexadecimal form. Single bytes are transformed into two ASCII characters 0,..,9,A,B,C,D,E,F)
qs is the control sum (obtained by the addition modulo 256 of binary values of all preceding characters including the leading sign) in HEX format (2 ASCII signs of the type 0…9ABCDEF)
c is the end sign cr (carriage return)

9.5.2 Commands for the INTEGRATOR

n reset (sets the INTEGRATOR to zero)
i start of integration
e stop of integration
l sends the integrated value
N sends the integrated value and sets the integrator to zero
L sends the integrated value ccw rotation (to the left) (not for DOSER)
R sends the integrated value of cw rotation (to the right)

9.5.3 Examples

Address of the PC: 01
Address of the instrument with on-board INTEGRATOR: 02
The PC sends: #0201I2Fcr

The control sum (checksum) qs is made in the following way (only the last byte (2 ASCII characters of the type 0…9ABCDEF) is taken):

# 0 2 0 1 I 2F (last byte) cr
23h +30h +32h +30h +31h +49h =12Fh 0Dh
The PC sends: #0201i4Fcr
i.e. in hexadecimal form: 23h 30h 32h 30h 31h 69h 34h 46h 0Dh

This means: For a subordinate station (SLAVE) with address 02 from commanding station (MASTER) with address 01

Start of integration

The control sum is 14Fh (last byte: 4F); end of message cr (carriage return)

The INTEGRATOR answers: <0102=3Ccr
The PC sends: #0201N34cr
The INTEGRATOR answers:
and resets to zero
<0102N03C225cr (integrated value is 03C2h)
The PC sends: #0201e4Bcr
The integration will be stopped and the command will be confirmed.
The INTEGRATOR answers: <0102=3Ccr