7.1. Pump-Flow Integrator (Art. no. 4803)

The DOSER powder pump and the other LAMBDA pumps are the only pumps on the market, which allow a simple and precise integration of the amount of liquid, solid or gas that has been delivered by the pump.

The electrical impulses, which move the pump motor, are registered and transformed into a direct voltage. This voltage can be measured or recorded by common recorders or voltmeters. The RS 485 interface allows the control.

In processes where the pump is controlled e.g. by a pH-stat during a fermentation or cell culture to keep the pH of the medium constant, it is often important to know when and how much acid or base were added. This data yields important information about the process, its kinetics and time of completion, etc.

Another use of the INTEGRATOR is for the measurement of enzyme activities (e.g. amidases, esterases, lactamases, lipases, proteases and other enzymes).

The pump-flow INTEGRATOR can now be electronically implemented inside the DOSER powder dosing instrument and, therefore, does not require any additional valuable laboratory bench space.

The activated INTEGRATOR within the LAMBDA pumps allows new and unusual pump applications (e.g. gradient making, counter flow elution, liquid chromatography, electronic burette, etc.).