Glass vessels of DOSER

Is there an alternative to glass in the 0.2 liter container for the LAMBDA DOSER? Glass can be rather fragile.

You can also get the glass vessel for the LAMBDA DOSER coated with silicone which will make the vessel less fragile.

Is the 0.2L feeder section interchangeable with the 1L vessel?

Doser vessels are interchangeable. You could use the same control unit (Art. No: 5809) for both 0.2 and 1L vessels.

Do you have these vessels for LAMBDA powder DOSER in any other material than glass? We are interested in clear plastic vessels if you were to have them.

LAMBDA does not produce plastic vessels for Dosers or fermentors. If you are afraid of glass vessels being broken, then it could be prevented when the external surface is plasticized by the silicon layer.

The silicon layer is about 0.2 mm thick and almost transparent. In case of breakage, all pieces are held together.

On the other hand, the elastic layer considerably protects the glass from scratches and breakages are much less probable because shocks are much milder.

Are the vessels exchangeable? We would like to buy a spare glass container for our powder doser.

Yes, in most cases the vessels 0.2L and 1L for the LAMBDA Powder DOSER are simply exchangeable. You might have to send the serial number and/or invoice number of your DOSER to LAMBDA for verification and a new quotation.

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