Powder type

How does the LAMBDA DOSER work with the material that is prone to agglomeration?

The powder / granules / solid must be properly treated for good flowing properties

  • It is also possible to allow a gas flow to pass through the Lambda dosing vessel in order to create a controlled atmosphere.
  • It is often possible to substantially improve the flowing properties of the respective powder / granules / solid by adding Aerosil (fumed silica – pure SiO2) to your powder (~0.1 - 2% by weight).

Is it possible to dose our fibrous, needle shaped and hygroscopic (ground, dry sugarcane bagasse and miscanthus) materials?

DOSER is airtight which is useful during work with oxygen sensitive or hygroscopic substances. It is possible to introduce a gas flow (e.g. N2, Ar, etc) by a special gassing plug (art. 5808-g: unit price=10 EUR).

Can you please confirm the particle size that can be fed by the dosing system?

The biggest particle size for powders that could be dosed with our DOSER is about 4 mm.

How the LAMBDA DOSER reacts to abrasive powders? Will the components get damaged over time with continuous abrasion?

In the case of abrasive materials being used with the LAMBDA Powder DOSER, you will have an opportunity to replace the glass vessel and / or the distributors as needed.

Is it possible to dose anhydrous sodium sulphate with your DOSER?

Since it is anhydrous sodium sulphate, flushing the container with dry air or N 2 gas is highly recommended.

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