RS interface and PC control software

How do I know if I need a RS-485 or a RS-232 interface?

The RS-485 or RS-232 interface is needed if you would like to control your instrument remotely by a PC (serial port).

RS-485 is definitely recommended for the control of several instruments from one computer, because it allows communication with up to 99 instruments from one single port (COM port). But with RS-232, you would be able to connect only one instrument. The communication protocol stays the same and the connection is similar to RS-232.

Is the control software PNet compatible with both "Win XP" and "Win 7"?

Yes, the software PNet is compatible with Windows operating system (OS).

Is there any license to pay for the PNet software?

No. There is no license to pay after the purchase of the software - no matter how many LAMBDA instruments you add to the software.

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